Friday, March 21, 2014

"synchroblog:" ultraVT

how do you describe to a stranger ultraVT?
ultraVT is probably the greatest club at Virginia Tech. All we want to do is run really far on trails around the beautiful mountains. Not just in Virginia, but around the country (and world? Filipe!). We’re also a very diverse group of athletes and adventure seekers. Some members are more into the competition, the Garmins and Strava records. That’s awesome! Some members just want to run because it makes them feel great and relaxed, and they love seeing the beauty our country has to offer in its most wild places. That’s awesome too! Some of us like to race all the time and have done 20+ ultras, some of us have run zero or only two ultras. So if you come running with us, you’ll find your niche and make some awesome friends.

when did you get involved with ultraVT?
I’ve been with ultraVT since before it was ultraVT, back when it was just the weirdo triathlon-team drop-outs that just wanted to run in Pandapas every day. I met freshman Rudy and junior Jan (and sophomore Guy but he was weirddd then and didn’t want to hang out with us!) at Terrapin Mountains in March 2011 during my senior year of high-school and Rudy convinced me to join tri team that fall when I’d be on campus. I started running around the mountains with that the first weekend of freshman year, when I was training for MMTR 50 miler. Mostly with Chrissy, but now she’s in CO:( By spring of freshman year, Rudy wanted to do something besides triathlon and Guy decided to be our friend. There was definitely a solid 6ish person group of us ultrarunners on campus, and we decided to make it an official club.

how do you see yourself within ultraVT?
I’m the Queen. Try to knock me off my thrown. You can’t.
I’m also the Vice-President of the club.

what's your favorite aspect of ultraVT?
Finishing a race and having a group of people there waiting to congratulate me. Fun road trips to training-runs.
Other notable favorite team activities include: watching Guy trying to/succeeding to party with the triathlon freshman and Dmak twerking at every aid station.

what's your favorite trail run in the Blacksburg vicinity?
Kelly Knob out and back. It’s the perfect 8.5 mile run. I also like to get Hucked-up on occasion.

any secrets you'd like to share?
I pooped 9 times and vomited twice during the Georgia Death Race (68 miles) last spring. That averages to 1 poop per 2 hours. Try to beat that, Keely!  
I also want to be a farmer/gardener when I grow up.

favorite post-race meal?
A bacon-onion marmalade burger and fries from the pub, and when I get home, a beer in the shower. 

How many Milk Duds can you eat in 20 minutes?
As of 03/16/2014, approximately 34. This includes chewing and swallowing them one at a time. This is an approximation, because one of the Milk Duds didn’t have any caramel in it.

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